Sunday, 29 March 2009

What's the name of my brand?

26 letters

In this week, i started to think about the name and the logo of my brand.
Firstly, i had some research about the different meanings of "26 letters" form the old english. From the research, i understanded that "B"-"beth"means "house"; "D"-"deleth" means "door"; "E"-"epsilon" means "window"; "O"-"cayin" means "eye" and "oedel (home)"

The concepts of my brand

The first concept is about "home".

I have tried both chinese word
"家"and english word "home"

The first idea is "Room Home"-- It has the same pronuciation with the chinese word-- “汝家”, which means your home. So the chinese name is "汝家", and the english name is "Room Home".

The second idea is come from an english word "Utensil". I just like this word very much, but it seems can not cover the whole connotation of my brand.

I also tried to combine with some symbols, such as "+". It has the same pronuciation with "home" in chinese, so i think it's a interesting combination.

The third idea is about some english letters.
Here i tired "D", it means door and i think it can be associated with home.
This is one of my favorites.

This is also about some english letter that have the especial meaning, such "R" and "O"


The second concept is about "bespoke".

Here are some differnt names and ideas about this concept.

The first idea is about the fingerprint, for emphasizing the concept of "bespoke".

This ides is focusd on the people who will built home together. It is composed of "You & Me" and "Home", which means we will build you home together.


My visual diary

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